Oct. 30th, 2012

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Well, hello there my new permanent home. The latest changes that LJ have made have finally made the decision for me. I'm buying paid time here when I can afford it. I can't cope with the new bastardised version they are producing, a cross between Tumblr and Facebook. Reblogging (okay, they call it reposting, but that's what it is). Liking. If I want to do that, I'll go to the facilities on te internet that allow me to do that in a far superior manner.

Livejournal have decided not to listen to anyone, and just force these changes on us. Hell, even Tumblr gives us the option to turn off the infinite scrolling. LJ is just forcing it down our throat. I joined LJ from having a Wordpress journal 8 years ago. It had the functionality I was looking for. Now it doesn't. Dreamwidth does.

I was reading the comments on the release notes, and all the complaining. 99% of the comments there do not want this, Livejournal. Good, well articulated arguments. Someone pointed out that LJ do not know the meaning of beta testing, and that one struck home for me. I've been involved with beta testing before, seen how changes are implemented. LJ thinks beta testing means 'a short period for people to get used to it before we press the 'yes' button'. Smart companies listen to your user base, especially when it is as vocal as LJ's.

The killer is that the layout for the friend list actually set my eyes streaming within five minutes. I'm terrified to use it for any period of time because I'm scared it'll trigger a migraine. The only reason I will be using LJ is for rp at [profile] hearts_andminds, but I am going to have to test the waters with that. If LJ continue down this path, and bring in everything else they are rumoured to, I don't know if I can use it any more. For the sake of my health, above and over everything else. Dreamwidth isn't perfect, but a site that actually listens to the majority of users gets my vote, and my money.
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I don't know why I bother trying to write fic on my computer. I get writer's block so easily.

Put a pen and paper in my hand... Off we go!


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