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Bear in mind I am a self-confessed Teslen shipper, but I'm not as rabid as some would appear to be... I am also tired, so prepare for a ramble. Under a cut because of obvious spoilers.

Bear in mind I am a self-confessed Teslen shipper, but I'm not as rabid as some would appear to be... I am also tired, so prepare for a ramble. Under a cut because of obvious spoilers.

That last scene could be taken so many ways. Teslen fans are all 'omg this just proves that she loves him', and Will fans are all up in arms - and actually I'm with the Will fans in some ways. It's a scene that can very easily be taken out of context. I have no doubt that they are working up to making Tesla/Helen a canon ship, and that yes, she does love him, and he her. But I don't think it was as much of a slight towards Will as others think. Not 'omg, she would have saved Tesla over Will'. If she did do that, it would purely be in the context of using him to ensure she got Will back as well.

But lets take a closer look at Helen and Nikola. They have known each other for over 130 years. Nikola has stated before that he knows how Helen's mind works. Can you imagine knowing someone for that long and that well? That 'do you even need to ask?' was a definite nudge at that, and it would have told him that Helen would have fought to ensure that both he and Will would have survived, that it shouldn't even have been a question. He has been there all though the building of the Sanctuary Network, seen what Gregory and Helen both believed in - to save everyone.

There's one element that that a lot of fangirls seem to ignore - there is that niggling insecurity that Nikola has, that he'll be forgotten, that he'll be ordinary. Maybe it's because I rp Nikola, and have an amazing Helen to bounce off, that I think about this too much. Helen is the only true link he has to humanity, the only one capable of reminding him who he is, what he's done for humanity in the past, and what he's capable of doing in the future. Without her, he'd be so far detached he'd probably end up truly becoming that mad scientist (we maybe had glimpses of this in The Five, after being isolated for so long). Helen grounds him, he needs her. There's also the inevitable worry that she would leave him there as payback for all the times he's tried to kill her, to hurt her. In a way she was reassuring him that she wouldn't leave him.

So, did Helen really mean what people are taking her meaning to be, that she would have sacrificed Will for the sake of Nikola? I don't think so. I think she's forcing him to look at their long association, the opposite to what he normally does. After all, who tends to be the one to bring up the memories of adventures gone by? Nikola. This time she's making him look back at what they've done before, what she would do, spinning it around, forcing him to stop flirting with her for a moment and think.

The way Amanda Tapping and Jonathon Young played it was definitely a step further than they have gone before in their relationship. All it takes is a look between them. But the hate against Will? Unjustified.

In conclusion? Sanctuary fandom is even more batshit insane than Glee fandom. And that takes some doing.
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