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Ok I realise I let Friday night go by without saying anything! It was absolutely fantastic, but served to kinda make me feel old. Old Harry's Game is a radio 4 comedy, written by Andy Hamilton, starring Andy as Satan, Robert Duncan as Scumspawn, Jimmy Mulville as Thomas, and for this series, the wonderful Annette Crosbie as Edith.

Now, I grew up watching Who Dares Wins, Drop the Dead Donkey, Chelmsford 123, KYTV... so this was truly a trip down memory lane. Was fun too. Best character has to be Asbo Austen (that is Jane Austen, leader of the damned).

Ahhhh I love watching radio shows!
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Hustle starts tonight! About time, I have been missing decent telly since LOM finished (I don't watch much, but I like my TV to be quailty).

Tomorrow, Old Harry's Game recording. Wonder how close we can get to the front again (please sir, where do the disabled people sit as Paul walks in on crutches). Saturday is too busy, but Sunday and Monday will be peaceful.

David - Hulk quit. /cry.
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Average level of conversation at the chinese last night.

Mike: There is an oyster festival in Basingstoke at the weekend
*random chatter about oysters*
someone makes a comment about oysters being an aphrodisiac
Mike: Celery is too
Mike: Well, you can use it as a splint...

And people wonder why I say I can't take Mike anywhere!

Jeremy Hardy was very good - very Radio 4 audience, considering that is his main avenue these days, and I was probably one of the youngest there (at 33). But he was so on the ball. And his rants about Channel 4... oh so true. You know when you are growing up when you appreciate comedy like that... - it is worrying. Still, good time was had by all!
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I have just realised how busy my rl is going to get soon - and it is nice!

Mike and I are going to several concerts over the next 3 months. Starts off with Jeremy Hardy (comedian for all you americans out there) tomorrow, moves onto a radio recording of a comedy show called "Old Harry's Game" (, then Meatloaf at Wembley Arena, Punt and Dennis (ok, I like Comedy), and (so far) ends up with Genesis in July. Also in there is my parents coming down in June, and Mike and I going to The Railway Arms meet up in Manchester at the beginning of September (fun!!) - which reminds me - need to book a hotel. I'm liking how this is panning out, though some weeks/weekends I am going to be helluva busy.

On another note - in some ways I am glad I missed last night's Tiamat, but other ways I wish I had gone. GS claimed, ahead of us, held for over 30 mins. Curing and stunning only. GM was called. Suddenly SF started fighting it - with no random, nothing. They had one person there when it popped, we had 15. AV graciously bowed out of any random, as they also had only one there at pop. So, we were seething - a stolen Tiamat. I went to bed, to get a text from Mar about midnight. Sist had died at 1% (cause they are so good - less than 50 there and they can do nothing), and we claimed and killed. All this over a fire crystal. (well, we got horn and blood, but nothing else worthwhile.)


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