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Time to catch up on my old skool Dr Who. Signing up for Lovefilm (EU Netflix), going to rent em out. Suggestions for starting points welcome.

Hot Fuzz

Jun. 3rd, 2007 11:49 am
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After hearing [ profile] severa talk about Hot Fuzz, I decided to look up when it is out on DVD.

Will you look at these extras...

* 4 Audio Commentaries: Commentary featuring Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, Commentary with the real fuzz, Commentary with Sandford Village People, Commentary featuring Sandford Police
* Outtakes (10m 19s)
* Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots
* The Man Who Would Be Fuzz
* Hot Funk
* Fuzz-o-meter
* Storyboards
* Flick Book: The Other Side (0m 19s)
* 22 Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright (19m 50s)
* Making of Documentary
* 13 Video Blogs (Web Blogs 1-12 + The Lost Blog) (32m 20s)
* Featurettes
* Photo & Poster Galleries
* Plot Holes & Comparisons (3m 14s)
* Special Effects: Before & After (6 Scenes) (6m 0s)
* Dead Right: Edgar Wright's First Cop Movie with Filmmaker Commentaries (40m 10s): Commentary by Edgar Wright, Commentary by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg
* Am Blam: Making Dead Right (10m 26s)

Now that is what I call a load of extras, making the DVD worth it's money.


Apr. 27th, 2007 09:30 am
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Finally got notification from Play that yes, my Life on Mars S2 DVDs were faulty, and yes, I could get a replacement free of charge. I would get one of the dodgy ones (on the Tufty episode nonetheless - see my friends only banner to see why I was pissed). Been watching Vanity Fair to console myself! Still, they have been fair in sending out replacements - even if it did take a week to acknowledge they were there.
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Disk four of my LOM set is faulty. "Unable to read disc".

a;lksdjfhoaiuwerhalkjnfalkdfguhaeriuth have to return it....


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