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Well I woke up this morning, and we had a light covering of snow over everything. Was pretty. Two minutes of sunshine, bai bai snow.

I've been playing around with my journal layout - not sure if it will stay like this, but will do for now. Need to find a Dresden Files banner for the top - preferably one with Bob. Been through, tagging old entries, up to middle of May last year, will pick at the rest. Went to work on the mood theme last night (I was really bored for some reason), found I left my DVDs at home.

Ah well. Today is another quiet day - we are going out soon, but not far - it is really bitter out. Theatre tomorrow yay!

Oh and my AIM isn't working again - any suggestions? It logs in, then instantly crashes...
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Well, after the unashamed fangirliness of Saturday (how gorgeous is he?), Sunday was back to earth.

We went to a BBQ at friend's in Southampton, and had a good time - Iwan (hereafter known as Les - for reasons best known to himself) and Susan, Dom and Andrea. A grown up evening! Forgot those existed! I have been a recluse for so long, what with one thing and another, it is taking me a bit to get on with my life and do the other stuff.

Haven't been on FFXI since Tuesday last week - but I now have a rebuilt computer. New processor etc (a much more meaty one), so going to try fiddling with the registry to get sharp shiny graphics. You know what - I have missed it, but not as much as I thought. A couple of those days were voluntary absenses. Almost good to get some perspective back.

Tonight - watching Dr Who (am now impatient to see the last 2 eps with John Simm), and helping Mike sort his music out for his Woolhampton concert - I officially bowed out yesterday - it bores the arse off me to be honest. Tonight I might also try to figure out how to sort out Livejournal so I can introduce the banner [ profile] wiccagal_1996 made for me! David, if you are online, I might hound you.
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One hour to go, and I am bored stiff.

Going to a winter wedding tomorrow - and I hate getting outfits for those. Still, found a lovely pale grey/green moleskin skirt, full length (cause I prefer full length skirts!), and a cream lacy top to go with it. I also have a scarf that will go nicely. Only going for the wedding itself and the breakfast, as there is a 5 hour gap between the breakfast and the evening reception - the groom is a friend of Mike's, who I have only met once, so another reason for leaving early.

Maint again tonight, so I guess my evening in FF will be staring at the screen in Aery. The shell are lovely though - one of the senior members kept asking me how I was doing, was I ok, if I need to go to bed just go last night. Actually having fun again in FF, even though I haven't done much for me this week. Last night was camp Bloodsucker, camp Bune then off to Faf - but lots of laughs on the way!


Jan. 26th, 2007 09:52 am
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For the third night in a row, I have slept like a baby. I think this bout of insomnia is past, thank god!

In more mundane news, this weekend should be nice and boring - we have friends coming down to visit on Sunday though, she is what, 5 months pregnant? This is gonna be wierd - I still can't think of her as married, and the whole sex thing (she got married last Feb, was a Christian and all that entails /grin - me and my friends just went lalalalalalalalalala with our hands over our ears whenever anyone mentioned it). Still, be good to see old friends again.

Oh, and I need a new wedding outfit. Time to go shopping.

FF wise, got accepted to new ls, and it is my first Xarca run on Saturday. The other events have been too late, so taking advantage of reasonable timed ones. Looking forward to it!
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I might as well use this as a friend's only, talking about rl place. What is the point of setting up somewhere new?!

So hello, Vivien here - welcome to my boring world. Doubt I will have much to talk about, but who knows!

I really need to find a new job - work sucks, but I haven't had the motivation to go find a new one. I work as a picture researcher, but there have been all kinds of issues over the past couple of years, but I have stuck it out. Maybe I should have made that as a New Year's resolution...

Still, birthday to look forward to. Not quite sure what I am doing for it, because every time I try to pin b/f down he refuses to commit to anything. Which either means that he has something planned again, or else I am doing nothing. I have already had my birthday present from him (ticket to see David Benson's Christmas show, which was awesome - AND David Benson remembered that we saw his Kenneth Williams show in Andover a few weeks beforehand, which was pretty good). I love tickets, but I also love opening things on the day! Ah well, whatever happens, it will be good.

Anyway, more waffling as I see fit.

Oh one last thing. Thank you Channel 4 for bringing Dirk Benedict back on our screens in Celebrity Big Brother!!
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Yesterday, Pat logged off for the last time that I would see him ingame – I know I am keeping in contact with him, but it was still a bit sad. I have also been down about certain other stuff which is bugging me ingame.

So feeling low, I did something I meant to for a while – put my flag up on rdm. I had this idea of capping my xp, but I only managed that for one fight before a King Buffalo got the better of me and Kabu when goofing off. So, with a large buffer (not bad considering the R1s I have taken), time to switch to merits and work on pimping out my character. Had a stroke of luck – I got invited to main heal a warrior party. This was my first warrior party and – well – damn… The preferred camp was taken to start off with, but when they moved out, we moved in. 4 war, 1 rdm, 1 brd. If we hadn’t had problems with moving camp and also another group ignoring our search comment (we ended up killing so fast cause we had a bard, they moved out), we easily would have made 10k an hour. As it was, just over 2 hours, and around 15k xp earned. Best was chain 11, and the bard just couldn’t pull fast enough. More of these please! There is a certain elegance to four warriors just spamming rampage… I have a load of stuff I want to merit up – get mp maxed out, ice and wind accuracy (I might manage to land para on those statues then), enfeebling magic skill (and a couple in elemental magic for when I level blm).

I also owe an apology to a few people, to whom I have been a jerk. I have just been getting frustrated with things, and taking it out on my friends is not a smart thing to do. Just bear with me while I sort things out in my own head. I am lucky to have friends like you all.


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