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Their pic shows Phil Glenister... now that would be interesting!

My Amazon order for Small Favours is down as despatching soon - which I'm hoping to mean they post it tomorrow, meaning I get on Wednesday, a day before it is due out here *is impatient*. I haven't been this anxious getting a delivery since LOM DVDs. I won't be around much the day or so it comes out =)
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[ profile] severa, I'm assuming you saw this, but just in case you didn't....
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The thought of Gordon Brown as PM scares me. Almost as much as Maggie Thatcher did. Not totally, but close. Halp!

My net still goes funny when I am at home. Bloody annoying when you are in an xp party, and you suddenly dc. Still, 67 whm get. Poor Nag. It is a DDoS attack, but my idiot flatmate is doing nothing about it - "oh it is only affecting you" - I'M THE ONLY ONE USING A UDP PACKAGE, YOU ARE USING TCP YOU SO CALLED NETWORK EXPERT. Christ. Still, I'm going to throw this article at him. I wish I could afford to live somewhere on my own, or that my OH would actually make a move and we move in together. Like that is going to happen. /sigh.

On a happier note "The" picture is now residing as my wallpaper on my mobile. This makes me happy. Oh, and it appears I have a thing for men in 3 piece suits...
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Enjoy it David.


Mar. 23rd, 2007 08:37 am
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Words can't express the total feeling of shock reading this report.

I have always been a fan of cricket - I know it gets a bad press in America, but there is more strategy than most people realise.

The last time cricket was hit by such scandal on this scale was when Hansie Cronje admitted to match fixing in 2000, and his subsequent death in 2002. For a respected cricket coach to be murdered like this - is just... well I can't think of the words. I am so stunned.

Cricket is embedded in the conciousness of so many nations - West Indies, Pakistan, India, Australia... it outsells any other sport there. Supporters are passionate - too passionate at times. But this - this just goes beyond anything that has ever happened before in cricket.
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$1bn. Or, if you are like me. £511 million. That is a lot of money tied up in subscriptions to MMOs.

Nice to see FFXI (even if they did report the name inaccurately) holding out at the third most popular.
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This is the blog of the BBC political editor, Nick Robinson. Worth a read, even if some of the comments from people are a tad retarded!
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Ok it sounds like all i do it watch tv. But seriously, it is not like that.

Trailer for the new series of Life on Mars (watch it, it is a good show). Soooooooooo 70s. And yes, I remember Camberwick Green.

Props to the BBC for inventiveness.
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Oh and grab a pearl for my social ls when we are both on. Peace and quiet...
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Yeah, we are at war in Afghanistan and in Iraq, but the question on our MP's lips - Is Jade Goody being racist towards Shilpa in the Big Brother house??

So this is what we pay our high rate of taxes for....

My spin on it? The nature of Big Brother is basically to keep adults as children (tasks for food, punishments when bad, rewards when good). Remember when you were at school, and the bully would attack the very good looking but aloof one? Exactly the situation we have here. Jade is the school bully, Jo and Danielle her cronies, and Shilpa caught in the crossfire. I don't think there is any racism intended - Jade has always struck me as too simplistic to be racist. I mean - 25th most influential (lol) person in the world?

Been watching the first season of the remake of Dr Who on DVD - it was good. I guess I didn't realise how teasingly Russell Davies has been adding hints about the end of the Time Lords etc when I watched it first time round. I mean, it took till this Christmas special for the Doctor to admit he was from Gallifrey. Have to admit though, David Tennant > Christopher Eccleston, though at the time CE was good, just David Tennant is for me the ultimate Doctor.

All change!

Dec. 4th, 2006 05:38 pm
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Livejournal has been annoying me for a while, so it is time for a change. It's just not quite flexible enough for me.

My new home will be This will stay up, and I will still be about on LJ, on the various communities! You can't get rid of me that easily.

On another note, a dear friend of mine, Murphie left the game unexpectedly. David, you know where I am, and you had BETTER keep in touch, or I will come over there and hurt you!
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Damn Torchwood was fine. Adult, entertaining, great stories, and I don't care if he is gay, but John Barrowman sure is easy on the eye!


Sep. 5th, 2006 01:17 pm
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So, hkr had a hissy fit yesterday and deleted Livejournals FFXI Community. What gets me is a) all that information lost and b) all those people who probably will never get back together in one community. Well, if any of you out there find out a new home (I have linked a couple of communities that may become the replacement in my info), please feel free to let me know.

For the record, I don't care what the sound of 1300 geeks being cut off sounds like. I don't care if you hate FFXI now - its the loss of the valuable information I am pissed about. I wish those that are trying to get it restored the best of luck.
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Also - Deo takes better pics than me! for what I did today.
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It’s hard when 3/4 of the linkshell have the new expansion and you don’t. I just pray mine is here today, or I am going to Blargus or Stardo linkshell and just go fish ( – Nafei, be ready!!). If it does arrive hurray, if not – I will have to make a trip out tomorrow (and please cancel levelling to give me time to explore please Tempy!)

Still, fishing is at 41, but need to go turn in some more moat carp – going to try to get to 6k this weekend. Whm to 55, and is actually a lot of fun, especially in good parties with a pld tank I can trust! We finally got ourselves an Ulli, after doing what every else does after a maintenance and logging off at a NM site – second placeholder, he pops (servers came back up on Wednesday, 200 people logged in, every single one at a NM site). So, linkshell gets to try Byakko on the weekend (assuming we can pry them back to this continent…).

Clearite hit 54 – need to level her some more – all areas will be quiet though!

Edit: Found this while browsing - quest for you to do Tempy...
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Its Friday - can you tell?

Go out to lunch with a friend, come back, this is on the news. Nearly fall asleep at desk with the awful stench of new carpet, go downstairs to get a HUGE cup of tea, this is still on the news as the main story with live feed. Slow day over here...
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Time for a little promoting here.

If you look to the right you will see some other FFXI blogs linked. All good reads. One of them, The Bloggaru, has been working on a little project for a while, and since recently the self promotion has started (and about time Tuuf!), I thought I would help out.

This project is a list of potential campsites. Bored of Garliage Citadel at 32? Look here and see where else you can go.

Check it out!


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