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Huge amounts of coverage to the new series of Dr Who coming up. I spat out tea at the title of the sixth episode (it took me a little by surprise). And a two part Steven Moffat episode - hoobloodyray. *is insanely excited*
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....................................... ok.

Not entirely happy, but let's go back to Jack.


And - best use of Scissor Sister - evah
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I can't get the song "Voodoo Child" out of my head.

Help me.
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So, I go away for 36 hours, and I have to wade through 5 pages of flist. I'm too tired to read it all now! It can wait till tomorrow.

Dr Who. Omg. Is all I can say. And RTD must like phone sex.

Weekend with parents was good, but hard work. Glad it is over now tbh.

More when I wake up.
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[ profile] severa, I'm assuming you saw this, but just in case you didn't....


Jun. 21st, 2007 12:25 pm
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According to one preview for Saturday's Dr Who, The Master - eats - Jelly Babies...

I nearly died laughing - and at work that ain't a good thing!
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Time to catch up on my old skool Dr Who. Signing up for Lovefilm (EU Netflix), going to rent em out. Suggestions for starting points welcome.
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What is it about him? For ages I have been a confirmed Philip fangirl - I mean - my icons just say it all. Sam was sweet, but just didn't do it for me. He was acting really close to me in Elling (and when I mean really close, I mean, REALLY CLOSE. For those who have seen it, you know when he changes from his PJ, and he is in his skivvies? Yeah that close) but I just thought Elling was cute, not sexy.

2 and a half minutes on Dr Who and I turn into a slavering John Simm girl. WHY? I can't get enough icons, all the cat macros from [ profile] ihasatardis I find wonderful - after two minutes on screen!

Maybe I have a thing for the Master?



Jun. 18th, 2007 07:51 am
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That is definitely a cloak!!

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CAPTAIN JACK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!11

edit: asodfinapwoit,nba;weifhpiwetpaibdfnlksjdgoawitg eurih awetg OH MY FUCKING GOD.
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I have to say, last night's Dr Who was fan-bloody-tastic. Much love for Martha - that is one cool companion there. As for DT, when John Smith was all angsty - well, I just had goosebumps AND tears in my eyes.

If David Tennant and John Simm AND Philip Glenister are up for best actor next year at the Bafta's I may just implode - you just KNOW they will be putting forward this ep of DW for consideration.
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No..... not really. But I have been lucky lately with drops. First Zenith Mitts (which I was top tier for for AGES, and lets face it, the amount that I am asked to come on blm, I need em), Duelist's Chapeau (which I am pleased to note, Domo got one next Dyna - makes me feel a whole lot better). And then there was yesterday.

Yesterday there was an unscheduled maint to fix besieged. Apparently it was causing whole worlds to crash or something.... so, everyone who can, log out at Fafnir. Oh joy. 3 hours of not knowing when the hell the window is, watching carefully, trying not to get darters... well, no. Sonma logs in at server up and Faffles decides "Chewy bard! YUM! *chomp*". Sist (and frankly, lol @ Sist getting totally pwnd on BG forums) flash, but Sonma still has hate. Dinh gets in party, flash, invincible, game on. For the first 15 mins or so there were only 6 of us fighting - then we get a darter. Random is called etc. Luckily Sumani on blm had logged on, clocked what was happening, and scooped up all the remaining darters, pulling them to the far corner. Slept Faf, bought us the time to get the couple more who had logged on into party, and away we go. It was a 45 min Faf, 12 (wo)men at the end, and boy was it fun. Shit drops, apart from me getting Aquarian Feet abjuration! More power to my convert macro!

Except, not yet. I asked Flashgordon (well, Spartin on Flash) to do the synth for me. 100 leathercrafter, yay. Except it went boom. Crit failure. Lost the macrame, which I had got for 950k. Boy did I feel sick when I saw that go. Roni, though, has made me a new macrame for a total cost of a little over 600k, so happier. Just gotta get Flash to try again.

Talking of Roni, it was lovely to have a long chat with him via MSN last night. We had our differences, but they are resolved now. I was thinking about things, and how in some ways my enforced break from FFXI was good for me. I did other stuff. I played about with my journal, got a layout I kinda like. I started writing again (and it seems to have gone down well!), I just pottered. All of which was good. Happier now than I have been for quite some time.

On one other note, Dr Who. Damn this series is good. And I have high hopes for proper Captain Jack, you know, the one we all fell in love with in the first place, being back. Just from the "was someone kissing me" part of the trailer. John Barrowman is just brilliant. I caught the end of some Saturday morning cooking programme this week, and he was on it. Shovelling food in his mouth. Not daintily. Shovelling. I love it.


May. 6th, 2007 08:31 pm
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Moral of last night's story - never put the two Mike's, me and Laura on the same table at any events. Much drunkeness, much hilarity, much running away when cheesy music started!

OMG that rest of season Dr Who trailer. Seriously.... bring it on.

Currently attempting to write a LOM fanfic, someone threw out a bunny, and it is annoying me. God knows how it will go, I'm normally the beta reader, not sure about writing... Ah well, I don't like, I don't post.

TV heaven

Apr. 4th, 2007 08:14 am
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New series of Doctor Who - awesome. Gonna like Martha.

Life on Mars - last EVER ep next week. If Sam has to do what people think he has to do to get home - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I am on tenterhooks.

That is all.
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Yeah, we are at war in Afghanistan and in Iraq, but the question on our MP's lips - Is Jade Goody being racist towards Shilpa in the Big Brother house??

So this is what we pay our high rate of taxes for....

My spin on it? The nature of Big Brother is basically to keep adults as children (tasks for food, punishments when bad, rewards when good). Remember when you were at school, and the bully would attack the very good looking but aloof one? Exactly the situation we have here. Jade is the school bully, Jo and Danielle her cronies, and Shilpa caught in the crossfire. I don't think there is any racism intended - Jade has always struck me as too simplistic to be racist. I mean - 25th most influential (lol) person in the world?

Been watching the first season of the remake of Dr Who on DVD - it was good. I guess I didn't realise how teasingly Russell Davies has been adding hints about the end of the Time Lords etc when I watched it first time round. I mean, it took till this Christmas special for the Doctor to admit he was from Gallifrey. Have to admit though, David Tennant > Christopher Eccleston, though at the time CE was good, just David Tennant is for me the ultimate Doctor.


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