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Mar. 10th, 2008 05:43 pm
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The last time you touched red mage, you took away our Cure 5 and our flash. Just do something will ya? I don't care if the job is broken, just give us something - even lolmeleeupdate like sword skill to A rather than B

Yours, a disgruntled rdm main, who has to get new spells on her other jobs...

PS, in this economy, a 3 mill price tag on a Hagun is gonna suck. Should have bought one at 2...
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No no no. Bugger off. Not doing the five things meme - when I can write a fic that doesn't split itself completely in two (two endings = ARGH) then I will consider, but Gene!angst is doing my head in!

In FFXI - the Kirby merit-athon has begun. See you in a few weeks ;;

And I feel sick. Literally.


Jun. 27th, 2007 08:46 pm
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ok, I'm immature...


Jun. 26th, 2007 02:37 pm
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One Astral Candecense. Last seen with the scarpering undead masses on Bahamut. GIMME IT BACK SO I CAN GET 75 WHM.

Lufaise for 3k an hour cause a 72-74 can't take rams blows. I remember now why I hated 70-75 pre ToAU.
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Server migration is open. It appears a sizeable chunk of people have transfered to Bahamut. Server is gonna go to hell in a handbasket.

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I hate work. I should look for a new job, but I dunno what. If I have to go up to London, pay will be similar, but I lose £3k to travel. Maybe I should just try to work better.

So far, I have lost 3/4 of a stone in weight. Yay! Aim is at least another 1/2 stone for the TRA meet up.

My foot hurts. Stress fracture to it. Oh deep joy.

Why do I find it easiest to find fic ideas when I am at work? I have to have a notepad with me to joy everything down. Ah well, hopefully get parts 2 and maybe 3 off to beta reader this week. Still unconvinced they will be any good.

Where the hell did the new expansion for FFXI come from - that was a bit out the blue! I hope that there are no new jobs, I have enough trouble with the ones we have. If Time Mage comes in, that will destroy what rdm does. Necromancer is another one mentioned - which could be kinda cool, but not even sure how the hell that would work in FFXI. Decided on probably Sam next, then bard.

Pindaro and I are now 99% certain who jacked my account. Three people (at least) knew about it. And one had the balls to call me friend. Not that I will do anything about it now, but personal satisfaction counts for so much. All because "I destroyed what their vision of Konoha was". Yeah you tard, walk away from the game, and people evolve. Still somewhat pissed by it.


May. 11th, 2007 09:45 pm
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So, in London on Wednesday, I somehow hurt my foot. I have no idea how I did it, just one minute it was fine, the next ow city. Only it is getting worse. It is a constant ache now, and when I put weight on it, it hurts. I have to take stairs slowly, I'm not going to be able to drive soon. I'm scared I've broken a couple of bones in it. How, I couldn't tell you. If it is still this bad in the morning, I'm going to get the OH to take me to A&E. Marvellous.

Now, I need to actually write the next piece of fic (still not entirely sure where it is going. Stop playing FFXI (67-69 whm in one day baby - 29k this morning in four painful hours, 30k this evening in 90 mins) and get creative. Tomorrow. Maybe! I find it easier at home, and not my b/f's for some reason...
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No..... not really. But I have been lucky lately with drops. First Zenith Mitts (which I was top tier for for AGES, and lets face it, the amount that I am asked to come on blm, I need em), Duelist's Chapeau (which I am pleased to note, Domo got one next Dyna - makes me feel a whole lot better). And then there was yesterday.

Yesterday there was an unscheduled maint to fix besieged. Apparently it was causing whole worlds to crash or something.... so, everyone who can, log out at Fafnir. Oh joy. 3 hours of not knowing when the hell the window is, watching carefully, trying not to get darters... well, no. Sonma logs in at server up and Faffles decides "Chewy bard! YUM! *chomp*". Sist (and frankly, lol @ Sist getting totally pwnd on BG forums) flash, but Sonma still has hate. Dinh gets in party, flash, invincible, game on. For the first 15 mins or so there were only 6 of us fighting - then we get a darter. Random is called etc. Luckily Sumani on blm had logged on, clocked what was happening, and scooped up all the remaining darters, pulling them to the far corner. Slept Faf, bought us the time to get the couple more who had logged on into party, and away we go. It was a 45 min Faf, 12 (wo)men at the end, and boy was it fun. Shit drops, apart from me getting Aquarian Feet abjuration! More power to my convert macro!

Except, not yet. I asked Flashgordon (well, Spartin on Flash) to do the synth for me. 100 leathercrafter, yay. Except it went boom. Crit failure. Lost the macrame, which I had got for 950k. Boy did I feel sick when I saw that go. Roni, though, has made me a new macrame for a total cost of a little over 600k, so happier. Just gotta get Flash to try again.

Talking of Roni, it was lovely to have a long chat with him via MSN last night. We had our differences, but they are resolved now. I was thinking about things, and how in some ways my enforced break from FFXI was good for me. I did other stuff. I played about with my journal, got a layout I kinda like. I started writing again (and it seems to have gone down well!), I just pottered. All of which was good. Happier now than I have been for quite some time.

On one other note, Dr Who. Damn this series is good. And I have high hopes for proper Captain Jack, you know, the one we all fell in love with in the first place, being back. Just from the "was someone kissing me" part of the trailer. John Barrowman is just brilliant. I caught the end of some Saturday morning cooking programme this week, and he was on it. Shovelling food in his mouth. Not daintily. Shovelling. I love it.
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The thought of Gordon Brown as PM scares me. Almost as much as Maggie Thatcher did. Not totally, but close. Halp!

My net still goes funny when I am at home. Bloody annoying when you are in an xp party, and you suddenly dc. Still, 67 whm get. Poor Nag. It is a DDoS attack, but my idiot flatmate is doing nothing about it - "oh it is only affecting you" - I'M THE ONLY ONE USING A UDP PACKAGE, YOU ARE USING TCP YOU SO CALLED NETWORK EXPERT. Christ. Still, I'm going to throw this article at him. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6595703.stm. I wish I could afford to live somewhere on my own, or that my OH would actually make a move and we move in together. Like that is going to happen. /sigh.

On a happier note "The" picture is now residing as my wallpaper on my mobile. This makes me happy. Oh, and it appears I have a thing for men in 3 piece suits...
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I'm on BLM - it is in my inventory and IT IS KILLING ME

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I have just realised how busy my rl is going to get soon - and it is nice!

Mike and I are going to several concerts over the next 3 months. Starts off with Jeremy Hardy (comedian for all you americans out there) tomorrow, moves onto a radio recording of a comedy show called "Old Harry's Game" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Harry%27s_Game), then Meatloaf at Wembley Arena, Punt and Dennis (ok, I like Comedy), and (so far) ends up with Genesis in July. Also in there is my parents coming down in June, and Mike and I going to The Railway Arms meet up in Manchester at the beginning of September (fun!!) - which reminds me - need to book a hotel. I'm liking how this is panning out, though some weeks/weekends I am going to be helluva busy.

On another note - in some ways I am glad I missed last night's Tiamat, but other ways I wish I had gone. GS claimed, ahead of us, held for over 30 mins. Curing and stunning only. GM was called. Suddenly SF started fighting it - with no random, nothing. They had one person there when it popped, we had 15. AV graciously bowed out of any random, as they also had only one there at pop. So, we were seething - a stolen Tiamat. I went to bed, to get a text from Mar about midnight. Sist had died at 1% (cause they are so good - less than 50 there and they can do nothing), and we claimed and killed. All this over a fire crystal. (well, we got horn and blood, but nothing else worthwhile.)

FFXI stuff

Apr. 18th, 2007 10:56 am
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To those new to my friend list - hello! As well as my LOM (and Philip Glenister) obsession, I play a MMORPG called Final Fantasy XI, and do talk about it occasionally - this is one of those occasions!

As far as the last week has gone for Government linkshell - we really have ramped it up a notch. Ridill dropping was the icing on the cake, as recently we have fought Tiamat (3 times), Faf, Cerberus (#4), and Khimaira. At the moment, we are probably riding high as the top NA based ls on the server - even beating Blue Gartr (they turn up to the odd king camp, but don't seem to kill much else). As far as HNM go, we probably only have Vrtra and Dynamis Lord left to beat (of ground that is - sea is our next challenge). Real challengers are FantasticImprontu (leading JP shell) - hereafter known as Airship. Sist and their botters are thankfully fading (they do claim sometimes, but with each round of bannings, it gets less and less). And, very good to note, we haven't had a banning.

Gilsellers have been at Faf though, which has us concerned. There will always be someone willing to pay for a Ridill, or E body, and there isn't much left for GS on our server. First time we noticed them, they wiped to 2 (count em, 2 darters). We clear darters before every window in Aery - levelling the playing field. But GS learn fast. If they ever do manage to claim Fafhogg all pretense at nicety goes out the window - and in this, all shells will work together! Let us hope they get put off it though!


Apr. 17th, 2007 08:38 pm
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The perfect treasure pool for Fafnir...

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omg omg omg omg...

Grats to Tudor for finally getting his Ridill - oh and me for A Hands!
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$1bn. Or, if you are like me. £511 million. That is a lot of money tied up in subscriptions to MMOs.

Nice to see FFXI (even if they did report the name inaccurately) holding out at the third most popular.


Mar. 13th, 2007 12:25 pm
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Started with the dead zone issue, now moved onto full blown not-a-chance-of-logging-in.

So nearly finished Dungeon Siege II. Got to the last fight, was half way through it, glitched. My main character can't move, so I can't pull Valdis to where I need to to hit him a 3rd time to trigger the next part of the battle. So, had to go back to previous save - 30 minute run back up again /sigh.

Tonight is a nice relaxing night at b/f with no pc. Which means I will got to bed at 10.30 lol.


Feb. 19th, 2007 12:34 pm
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Lol @ the evil god in the book I am reading being Angra Mainyu. I'm sure Catwho will get the reference!

Dyna-Beauc never amused me so much!
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One hour to go, and I am bored stiff.

Going to a winter wedding tomorrow - and I hate getting outfits for those. Still, found a lovely pale grey/green moleskin skirt, full length (cause I prefer full length skirts!), and a cream lacy top to go with it. I also have a scarf that will go nicely. Only going for the wedding itself and the breakfast, as there is a 5 hour gap between the breakfast and the evening reception - the groom is a friend of Mike's, who I have only met once, so another reason for leaving early.

Maint again tonight, so I guess my evening in FF will be staring at the screen in Aery. The shell are lovely though - one of the senior members kept asking me how I was doing, was I ok, if I need to go to bed just go last night. Actually having fun again in FF, even though I haven't done much for me this week. Last night was camp Bloodsucker, camp Bune then off to Faf - but lots of laughs on the way!
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something or other lol.

Finally getting the lens to my glasses fitted today. Only problem is that I will be about an hour without glasses while they fit it. Ouch. Still, I can do some shopping. Lush is just next door, pamper time! Also look for a wedding outfit I guess.

After recovering from Saturday's excesses, the fondue was fun yesterday. Everyone enjoyed it. Though at the end, all those who were at Saturday nights party were basically falling asleep where they sat hehehe! It was good to see Joy again, and (thankfully) she didn't look too pregnant yet!

One bonus of joining Shinsei, if I can make their early events, they start at 9pm my time. This means I actually don't feel bad about staying at work for those extra 10/20 mins, then get ingame and have some time for me. Odd bonus, but never mind! I am significantly less stressed than I was before. People are noticing it. Was I really that bad?


Jan. 26th, 2007 09:52 am
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For the third night in a row, I have slept like a baby. I think this bout of insomnia is past, thank god!

In more mundane news, this weekend should be nice and boring - we have friends coming down to visit on Sunday though, she is what, 5 months pregnant? This is gonna be wierd - I still can't think of her as married, and the whole sex thing (she got married last Feb, was a Christian and all that entails /grin - me and my friends just went lalalalalalalalalala with our hands over our ears whenever anyone mentioned it). Still, be good to see old friends again.

Oh, and I need a new wedding outfit. Time to go shopping.

FF wise, got accepted to new ls, and it is my first Xarca run on Saturday. The other events have been too late, so taking advantage of reasonable timed ones. Looking forward to it!


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