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I'm probably not going to give an expected answer here, but say Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. One of the early civilization style games, but it's still good for a challenge, and I love beating the crap out of my boyfriend at it.

Which I do sometimes.

It just is one of those old familiar games, that I've gotten so much enjoyment from over the years.
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So - have any of my lovely flist got it? Is it worth dropping £25 on?

Debating whether to get now or later when it is cheaper. FFXII was too... like FFXI, but still ok.


Mar. 13th, 2007 12:25 pm
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Started with the dead zone issue, now moved onto full blown not-a-chance-of-logging-in.

So nearly finished Dungeon Siege II. Got to the last fight, was half way through it, glitched. My main character can't move, so I can't pull Valdis to where I need to to hit him a 3rd time to trigger the next part of the battle. So, had to go back to previous save - 30 minute run back up again /sigh.

Tonight is a nice relaxing night at b/f with no pc. Which means I will got to bed at 10.30 lol.


Nov. 8th, 2006 10:33 am
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Well, after a lot of unnecessary drama, the ls is getting back on its feet again. And giving the proverbial bird to anyone who stands in our way. For all we lost people who then decided to spam post about us being a bunch of losers {Yawn}, last night, at our Dyna-Windy run (getting the clear for those who missed last time) we had, for perhaps the first time ever, 2 complete alliances. Was a thing of beauty. Everyone seemed to be giggling away at things and having fun, and we cleared even more easily than last time. We dealt with some truly awful links - including clearing the entire summoners house (it was accidental, bad sac pull, but who cares since they all died and not us), messy pull on the Heaven's Tower NM (fuck it, lets just fight our way there!). 7 AF (including an insane 3 whm - we don't get any for months, then that), 1 SAM (we never get sam until Anjiro leaves lol), 1 blm (grats Rea) and 2 thf. 251 coins. Wonderful. We also have made some good recruitment - now we have Beauc access, and hopefully soon, Xarca, it makes us far more attractive as a linkshell. I am now holding 3/4 of an Omega set, we should complete that next week, and tonight, 2x Kirin (yay for deathga for the Elvaan rdm stunning!). Things to work towards - Ouryu, Bahamut v1, Apocalypse Nigh.

On the Kir front, well I have been playing Neverwinter Nights II too much to xp on anything lol! Its a good game, though laggy at times. But I have turned down the graphics, and it still looks good.

Welcome back to Marius (/hump) and Raana. Good to see you guys.
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Pots BC for a friend, I die four times on my blm but still giggle maniacally as I try to do as much damage as is humanly (Elvaanly?) possible while weakened. Firaga III + pro-ether+ Water IV teeheehee!! Promathia was a push over with our set up (no rdm death).

Our Saturday Dynamis merger with VCT isn't working. How the hell can we clear Windy with 25, but fail to clear Jeuno with 30+? I have a feeling it will come to the end of it's life soon. I can only make 1 in 3 on a Saturday - rl gets in the way!

Finally had the time to merit a bit, after capping xp. 4 merits till final slow II upgrade, then onto Para II. I have given up setting merits, I just go for the leave on xp and let it trigger itself option. God I need so many merits it hurts. Still, 40 merits (Slow II, Para II, mp to max - orz that is 400k xp...) before I have to worry about group 1 merits. I still have no idea what I want to do there. Blm got some xp, then I lost a load - still twas fun! Picking at that solo till I have 72, then I am just gonna duo with whatever blm is free in the ls.

Neverwinter Nights II is sumptous but oh my god it is laggy as hell...


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