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I'm sorry to the smokers I know, but this does make me happy. For years I have not been able to go to pubs for drinks with friends because severe asthma makes me start having an attack as soon as I spend any time in smoke. I now have the option - that is all I wanted.
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No no no. Bugger off. Not doing the five things meme - when I can write a fic that doesn't split itself completely in two (two endings = ARGH) then I will consider, but Gene!angst is doing my head in!

In FFXI - the Kirby merit-athon has begun. See you in a few weeks ;;

And I feel sick. Literally.
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I hate work. I should look for a new job, but I dunno what. If I have to go up to London, pay will be similar, but I lose £3k to travel. Maybe I should just try to work better.

So far, I have lost 3/4 of a stone in weight. Yay! Aim is at least another 1/2 stone for the TRA meet up.

My foot hurts. Stress fracture to it. Oh deep joy.

Why do I find it easiest to find fic ideas when I am at work? I have to have a notepad with me to joy everything down. Ah well, hopefully get parts 2 and maybe 3 off to beta reader this week. Still unconvinced they will be any good.

Where the hell did the new expansion for FFXI come from - that was a bit out the blue! I hope that there are no new jobs, I have enough trouble with the ones we have. If Time Mage comes in, that will destroy what rdm does. Necromancer is another one mentioned - which could be kinda cool, but not even sure how the hell that would work in FFXI. Decided on probably Sam next, then bard.

Pindaro and I are now 99% certain who jacked my account. Three people (at least) knew about it. And one had the balls to call me friend. Not that I will do anything about it now, but personal satisfaction counts for so much. All because "I destroyed what their vision of Konoha was". Yeah you tard, walk away from the game, and people evolve. Still somewhat pissed by it.


May. 11th, 2007 09:45 pm
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So, in London on Wednesday, I somehow hurt my foot. I have no idea how I did it, just one minute it was fine, the next ow city. Only it is getting worse. It is a constant ache now, and when I put weight on it, it hurts. I have to take stairs slowly, I'm not going to be able to drive soon. I'm scared I've broken a couple of bones in it. How, I couldn't tell you. If it is still this bad in the morning, I'm going to get the OH to take me to A&E. Marvellous.

Now, I need to actually write the next piece of fic (still not entirely sure where it is going. Stop playing FFXI (67-69 whm in one day baby - 29k this morning in four painful hours, 30k this evening in 90 mins) and get creative. Tomorrow. Maybe! I find it easier at home, and not my b/f's for some reason...
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Grumbly headache on Thursday = baby migraine on Friday. I call them those, as they show the initial symptoms, but stop short of the "wanting to claw the top of my head off" stage. Just the extreme pain about my left eye. 2x Migraleve + hope for the best!

Tonight, in the UK, is it Comic Relief (basically, a telethon they hold once every 2 years to raise money for charity) - My involvement is going to one of our call centres about 200 miles away, and helping to answer the phones. Company is paying for transport and accomodation! Five of us going up, should be fun!

I am reading The Space Machine by Christopher Priest at the moment. Interesting, but I am finding it hard going. Maybe I need something else to read. Suggestions?


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