Jun. 15th, 2007 10:46 am
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Two tickets to see Elling at the discounted rate of £25. Go with a group from TRA!

I have booked a block of 10 tickets to see Elling on Wednesday 3rd October at 2.30pm. I have 7 guaranteed (probably 8) takers for these, which leaves me with 2 tickets spare. Row D 8-17. End of the run, so who knows, if John knows we are going, he might come down during the break.

Anyone interested? Remember, full price these are £42.50 (sorry, I'm not paying full price for John, especially when I have seen it once - Phil I would sell my soul for)
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So, I'm getting up at 6am tomorrow, to leave the house at 7 (I'm incapable of getting ready in an orderly fashion - though I did kinda get ready and hotoiled my hair tonight like I planned to). Train to Waterloo, cross London, meet up with Fran (JeanGenie) and Hayley (Curlywurly) at Kings X. Train to York, meet up with Clarey, Janet and Vicky. Then off to see Wuthering Heights. Not sure what is going to happen with the rest of the weekend, but there is a ghost walk being mooted about, as well as a Sunday lunch. Sharing a room with Fran and Hayley = no sleep mwhahahahaha.

Oh yeah, and seeing Marshall Lancaster in Wuthering Heights is gonna be fun!!!

Old Harry's Game is complete, and with [livejournal.com profile] emeriin for beta reading now. Very nervous!

See you on Sunday!
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Booked tickets for Fran, Hayley and me to go see Wuthering Heights in York (don't ask) on Sat 9th June. OH is away that weekend anyway, time to have some fun!


May. 30th, 2007 11:05 pm
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I have been in London all day, seeing Elling. What fun! More tomorrow, when I wake up a bit

And it looks like I might be going to see Marshall in Wuthering Heights in a short time...
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Last night I saw Punt and Dennis (a British comedy duo) in concert at the Lights in Andover. Oh my god. I have not laughed like that for a very long time. We managed to make them laugh three times in all - one of which at the "Milky Milky" comment (Hugh Dennis' catchphrase for one of his characters during 'The Mary Whitehouse Experience' - most people don't remember it, but we did!), and another time which prompted Steve Punt to comment "forget biting satire, most people just want to laugh at a drunk pointing at a map of the UK" (Punt was talking about the Island nation, while Dennis was pissing about with a map in the background - hilarious).

I loved it - and would go see them tomorrow again!


May. 24th, 2007 02:48 pm
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As an addendum to the "What do I do next week" I know now what I am doing next Wednesday.

I got a ticket for Elling!!!!!!


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