Jun. 21st, 2011

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So what's new in the world of me?

Definite signs that the last operation was a success. Yes, I know they said it will take up to six months for me to find out for sure, but steps in the right direction are most welcome.

My parents leaving me with knitting and crochet stuff has led to me deciding that I quite like knitting. I used to do it like 25 years ago, but have found it relatively easy to pick up again. New hobbies good? I think so.

I'm not giving up being a geek though. Portal 2 was absolutely awesome. Like amazingly awesome. I still have the coop to do though, and will find someone, dammit!

I'm going to Glee live on Saturday in London. Haters to the left please, I'm going to have fun, and get to meet a couple of the other Glee rp'ers I've interacted with.

Peter F Hamilton's writing is still as amazing as ever - I'm finally sitting down and reading the Void trilogy now that I have them all (and a signed copy of the third book yay!). I've been reading a lot more lately, though I have a serious addiction to buying books from charity shops. It's worrying, really, but hey, there are worse things to be addicted to!


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